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Performance Company

Our annual show themes are based on personal development books such as Power of Now and Emotional Intelligence. The Inspire Performance Company (IPC) is a group of professional dancers who perform and create these dance productions for our shows. They form and lead fundraising committees, props & set committees; they are required to maintain their dance journals to track personal and dance-professional goals throughout the year; they often choreograph their own pieces and even do the story telling themselves. This intensive training program is focused on grooming the next generation of professional dancers, developing highly trained, creatively active and professionally oriented students with its unique curriculum. Students are offered specialized training in advanced dance technique (Latin, Hip Hop, Jazz and Bollywood), choreography, history, expression analysis, and performance techniques. Inspire Performers are expected to maintain a continuing level of technical and creative development which is evaluated each term by the faculty.



Students are specially invited from each of our class locations throughout the Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angeles County. The invites are limited to dancers who have shown an interest in becoming serious students of dance in the classroom environment, showcasing characteristics of a deep passion for dance, significant growth in performance and/or skill, regular attendance, and a form of inspiration to their peers.  The Inspire Performers are offered a safe and fertile environment for artists to boldly explore new ideas and intimately expose serious dance students to the working processes of professional dancers in the real world. With weekly or bi-weekly rehearsals per term, we are so proud to introduce the talented Inspire Performers as they take you through the journey of a dancer's soul! Dancers work with Ms. Amna and top LA & OC Choreographers directly to prepare a truly 'Dance to Inspire' show experience at our Annual Dance Recitals.  Our IPC performance is the highlight of each annual dance recital as it ends each show with a spectacular & inspiring bang. In addition, our IPC dancers get several opportunities to perform at various venues & theaters throughout the year!

Our Values​

  • Our body is our temple

  • Humility. ‘No one is better than us and we are not better than anyone’

  • Teamwork requires understanding & respecting each other, including ourself

  • There are no mistakes. Only lessons to be learned

  • ‘There are no winners or losers. Only choosers’. The choice is ours

  • The only person we need to compete with is who we were yesterday

  • We control our destiny

Admission Procedure

The selection process is limited by invite only throughout our several Southern California class locations. Invites are sent to student(s) showcasing a deep interest in becoming serious students of dance in the AMNA Dance classroom environment, characteristics of a deep passion for dance, significant growth in performance and/or skill, regular attendance, and a form of inspiration to their peers. In so, IPC allows serious students of dance the option to learn advanced dance choreographies in a fast-paced environment surrounded by advanced level dancers who all share a similar passion, leadership and eagerness to excel in their art. This is a great environment in which our IPC dancers truly excel to the next level of their limitless potential.

Understudy Program

All students are welcome to join the IPC Understudy program. Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about how you can join our #DanceToInspire movement... 



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