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Power of Conscious Communication

Research studies have proved over and over again that our happiness is highly dependent on the quality of our relationships - which is dependent on the quality of our communication. How connected we feel to each other depends on the consciousness of our communication.

What does that even mean? How exactly do we do this?


Our show will answer these questions with the intention of increasing happiness and awareness for all beings. Inspired by Rosenburg's bestseller, Non Violent Communication, families and children will learn simple steps and tools around compassionate and conscious communication through dance, speech and an interactive stage experience. 


"What an absolutely incredible show! Loved watching how you carried out such an important theme and message throughout the show. The way you incorporated the message, story & dance was so creative ! Also, each performance was so beautiful - such a talented group of students you have.   My entire family loved watching the show - they’ve been talking about it all day today.  Love that Mila learns so much from you- not only dance but also life lessons. It was emotional to hear those stories from the older girls - such beautiful messages they had. I couldn’t help but fast forward and think of the impact you will have on Mila at their age.""

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful teaching towards Kashvi. She progressed so well from the first day. We were in tears looking at how well she was molded... thank you and she will be joining back after summer and she can not wait .. Awesome work!"


A Dance To Inspire Production

Saturday, May 25th
Curtis Theater of Performing Arts

1 Civic Center Circle

Brea, CA 92821

Click here to buy tickets now ($35, $50, $60 /person)

Show 1:  11am-1pm (Diamond Bar, La Cañada & IPC)  ​​

 Show 2:   1:30-3:15 pm (Diamond Bar & IPC)

Show 3:   4:00-6 pm (OC & IPC) 

Email 'Ticket Leap' for inquiries about ticket reservations at or call 877-849-5327 - Ext 1

Please don't stress if you accidentally purchase tickets for the wrong show, or need to buy more tickets, get refunds etc. We are a small dance family and can work everything out amongst each other. We promise. Whatever issues may arise will get resolved. They always have and they always will! :)


  • Recital tickets going on sale on Monday, April 15th at 7 am PST. 

  • Our dance families tend to purchase seats right at 8 am and the seats are first come, first serve.  Our shows do get SOLD OUT so plan ahead!

  • Just like last year, all seats are assigned upon purchase with tickets ranging from $35-$60 per person.

  • For children 3 years old and under, you do not need to purchase a ticket IF the child will be sitting on someone's lap during the entire performance. If you want your younger child to have a seat, a ticket must be purchased.

  • For families 9 or more, contact Amna to reserve your tickets (Share student's name + class name + email address + show time + # of tickets needed + section desired - general/premium/vip)

  • Students performing DO NOT need to purchase tickets as they will be watching the show backstage with an assigned supervisor.

  • VOLUNTEERS! Recital volunteers so not need to purchase the ticket for the show as we will be giving special seating to watch their child's/family perform during the specified act. Please let us know immediately if you are interested in volunteering as we have specific roles that need to be assigned. 

  • Our show schedules will be available on our Facebook page the week of the show. We will not have printed programs at the show in order to to reduce environmental waste.

  • REFUNDS! For any assistance regarding tickets refunds, please email Amna at with details.

  • EXCHANGING SEATS/SWITCHING SHOWS! If you want to make sure you don't lose your desired seats and show time, we recommend you purchase your desired tickets as soon as possible and request a refund for the ones you don't need anymore

  • For any other technical support, please contact Ticket Leap directly at: OR 877-849-5327 *Ext 1​​

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