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Dancing the wrong step may be a step in the right direction

When a dancer messes up on stage, their inner world is exposed. And it can take them through a series of emotions.

I wish my dance teachers connected how my dance on stage mimics my life on earth, by telling me this before every performance:

Work as hard as you can. Practice as much as you can and then... let go.

When you are performing your dance - if you mess up a step, create something beautiful with it. Smile. Persevere. The step that comes next is nothing short of magic that works through you at that moment. It is exactly as it "should" be. And exactly what the dance needed.

It just is.

There can be no judgement for something that happens so naturally.

This is bigger than you and me. Don't try to control it.

Don't give it so much power with the stories you create in your head. Let it go.

Let your heart open to what's next. And you will be mesmerized by the magician that you are in your dance... and in your life.


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