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March Update by Amna

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Yay!!! It's March! I, personally, can't wait to listen to all the baby birds singing and notice all the new birth, from baby ducklings following their mamas to new seedlings sprouting into vibrant flowers and life... and the awakening of dormant plants that brighten our days while the hibernating animals become conscious to nature's revival. What a blessing.

Article I am pondering

Our Desires are Being Manipulatedby Joshua Becker. I have been on a mission to buy less "things" and this article helped me see why more clearly.

Something new I created

Nature's Wisdom- I wrote this poem shortly after watching Disney's Polar Bear. This movie left me feeling and thinking things far beyond the one and a half hour it took to watch it. Dance I choreographed

Aarna's Dance. Aarna danced this Bollywood - Jazz choreography from our Diamond Bar Youth class at a private event. I love her confidence so much!

Memorable teacher-student moment

What makes you feel loved?Ours students answered this question for the week of Valentine's Day. Check out their answers and notice how warm and fuzzy your heart feels afterwards ;)

Something I am looking forward to

Ballet Classes this Summer. In high school, I have a vivid memory of my hip hop teacher forcing me to take ballet classes. I didn't care much for ballet then so I was not happy about it but now I am so grateful to that teacher. Ballet is a must-have foundation for ALL dancers. We all know how it increases the flexibility of a dancer, but it also strengthens our ability to use our core muscles to support us in various dance techniques such as turns and leaps and jumps, you name it! And this is actually what Ms. Rocky specializes in. Rocky has been doing some incredible work with our teens to help them prepare for high school dance team auditions. Many of them made their teams after taking her private classes. But private lessons are expensive and this skill is necessary. That is why I encourage all of our avid dancers to keep dancing this summer so they can focus on technique in a way that our regular classes do not. Not to mention that it will set you up for a stronger dance year once we start preparing for our annual recital in September. Check out the bottom of this email for more details and early enrollment discounts.

Quote I am thinking about

You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens. ~Rumi

Wishing you a lovely month of March as we transition from an unexpectedly cold winter to a hopefully warmer spring.



Kids Ages 3-6 | Youth Ages 7-12

You will:

  • Learn Ballet + Bollywood technique and choreographies

  • Use props such as scarves, ribbons and fans in your dances

  • Have a 10 minute break with Mindful stories by Hatch Brighter to teach concepts of emotional awareness, self-love, embracing mistakes and more 4-Week camp for $200 Enroll now! Use coupon code SAVE20 & get 20% Off

Kids, Youth, Teens, Adults

You will:

  • Learn Ballet technique and choreography to Bollywood music

  • Develop a stronger foundation in your dance skills

  • Increase your flexibility in each split by at least 50%

  • Dominate double pirouettes

  • Get higher and stronger in your leaps (jetes)

  • Learn beginners fautes

Weekly 1-hr Classes for $85 per month


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