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How to Bring the Rhythm of Nature into Your Dance Class?

Rhythm in a dance class does not only apply to music. It is also part of how the class is structured.

The optimal environment for learning is one that facilitates a rhythm that ebbs and flows, similar to an in-breath and out-breath.

Here is an example of how we do this for our ladies dance classes:

1. Stretch (Out-Breath)

This is an out breath because it frees your mind and body to get outside of yourself. Energy is released.

2. Technique and Choreography (In-Breath)

An in-breath requires our brain to work and be stimulated. This is when we review technique and styling for the dance. Reviewing choreography requires our brains to pull all the knowledge from the week prior. Learning new choreography creates new neuron connections in your brain which takes more energy and focus. A great way to think about it is by imagining little ones doing it... if it can only have their attention for a short while, it is probably an in-breath.

3. Dance Cardio (Out-Breath)

A fun, easy-to-follow dance workout to your favorite songs gets your body moving. You feel free. Confident to express yourself with your body and soul. It feels like a child playing in the park. This is a deep exhale.

4. Meditate (In-Breath)

All our classes end with a group meditation (in a circle - because there is a whole different energy when you do it in that shape). We go inwards. We become still. This is an in-breath.

The cool thing about this is that it is adaptable in almost everything... you can apply this to your days as an adult or to your activities with your kids.

I personally love how this structure brings the rhythms of nature and the ebb and flow of life into our dance classroom. It creates a deeper sense of connection to the art of dance as well as to the souls in the room. The students feel it. The instructors feel it. The dance shows it.


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