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Teaching dancers to trust their bodies

I have come to believe that we see who we are in our daily lives by the way we dance on the dance floor. There’s no escaping it.

A huge part of dancing is trusting ourselves. There are so many times that I see students hesitate to move in a way their body wants to. Or second guess themselves on which dance move comes next even though their body knows.

No doubt, it is all of our social and cultural programming as well as all the external nonsense that stops us from paying attention to our own inner truth. Our bodies know what to do. Our mind and heart knows what’s coming next. We second-guess it because of our thoughts. The thoughts that we have downloaded into our inner programming - no questions asked. These thoughts sound like...

What if I mess up?

What if I’m wrong?

What will she think if I dance like that?

So when I see a dancer hesitate to do something I can tell their body and heart is trying to do I say “trust yourself.”

This can be applied in our lives outside the dance studio as well...

What would our days look like if we just listen to ourselves more and didn’t worry about what other people thought?

What if we didn't try to control our infinite potential through our own fears and limiting beliefs?

What if we could live in a world that allows us to trust ourselves?

This is why a huge motto in our dance class is TRUST YOURSELF.

It may start in the dance class… then the dance stage… and the goal is that we carry this trust for the rest of our lives, every single day...

Here is an example of how we teach our little ones to trust their bodies in dance class:


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